What we do


From domain management to site hosting, we have years of experience in helping clients establish their place on the Internet. Secure, efficient, reliable.

web marketing

These days, understanding site visits and user statistics is key to driving business. Our SEO and analysis knowledge puts you on the right path.


With a strong background in graphic design, we provide clients with top notch materials, from logos and business cards to a brand new responsive website.

The tools we use


Since 2009, we've been dabbling with HTML5. It was standardized in 2014. That means we're experts.


You don't want to know what a site looks like without CSS. We make everything look snazzy for you.


A more polite form of Javascript, jQuery allows us to ensure your user experience is as smooth as possible.


An incredibly popular CMS for a reason, Wordpress takes minutes to install, and you're on your bloggy way.


Drupal is a powerful and capable Content Management System, allowing for more complex site solutions and blogs.

Our History

It's quite simple, really.

After a few adventures together, two cousins decided to create a company with a focus on small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Since 2009, we've provided hosting, and design services for a number of great people. From our locations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., the Creative Confederation has the ability to keep up with demands. We also started dabbling with HTML5 back then, so we have a great understanding of efficient, responsive site design.

That knowledge combined with years of experience in the web industry allows us to provide top notch service to those that need it, while having a bit of fun too.

Since our last redesign was almost three years ago (wow!), and HTML5 is standard now, we've got a few tricks up our sleevies. Check back soon for the finished product.